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Kind Words from Clients

"I have known Simon since 2002. Initially as my acupuncture clinic supervisor at University of Westminster polyclinic, where I was studying for a degree in acupuncture. Simon has been my acupuncturist for some years, he is kind, caring, compassionate and very generous with his time. Above all Simon is an extremely knowledgeable and excellent acupuncturist. I feel fortunate to have had him treat me for so long and recommend him unconditionally"

- JEAN -

"Simon is a highly experienced practitioner with a holistic, intuitive approach. I have had acupuncture for various physical problems and have always experienced both a relief from the symptoms and an improvement in the underlying condition."


"Working with Simon is being listened to with unwavering compassion and seriousness. In accordance with Simon's mindfulness practice and his deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, all that you bring is being considered with interest and without judgement. Whether you seek general balance or to remedy a specific ailment, Simon's expert care demonstrates great skills and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered. "

- SARA -

"Simon is an experienced professional therapist who has made such a positive impact on clients, patients and their carers, under his care, during his time at our hospice. His holistic approach to the care of an individual, underlined by the respect and dignity given to anyone under his care has been amazing to see. I was privileged not only to work alongside him but also to receive benefits from his acupuncture sessions."



Once I have made a diagnosis, your treatment will incorporate various components associated with Chinese Medicine.

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."


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